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Follow the A19 motorway, for 45 minutes, deep into the mountainous and relatively un-touched interior of the island and you will find the medieval town of Enna, with its impressive Castle ('Castello di Lombardia'). Also known as the Belvedere (panoramic viewpoint), situated high on a ridge and towering over the surrounding scorched countryside, it stages one of the most impressive and awe inspiring Easter processions in Sicily.

The Holy Week is for Sicilians a moment of dejection, when the sorrow of the believers finds its full expression as they accompany the Christ and the Madonna, to the sound of the doleful funeral march. Hooded devotees carry their ornate carriages through the candle-lit streets, two steps forward and one step back, proceeding in absolute silence. It is a very emotional and spiritual experience as the Sicilian, believer or non-believer, nourishes a sincere feeling of deep respect for the dying Christ and the crying mother, who lost her son.

During June and July the castle also hosts a series of nightly plays.