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5 Balconi logo


Design: Max Guglielmino

Photos: Cristina & Rob, Michael Wierenga, Richard Morgans, Diane Patrice, Barry Hathaway & Helen Brittain, Huey Murray & Sarah Birrell ('the intrepid overland explorers').

Special thanks to Sally & Mike Morgans (mum & dad), Bex & Michael, Rich & Davina, Salvatore Nunziata (Papà Nunzie), Ninni, la nonna Teresa, zia Giovanna, Gisella, Giovanni and to all our friends for their help and support, especially Krzysztof Niewiarowski & Jane Robbie for literally helping us get here.

Via Plebiscito 133,
Catania, Italia
tel/fax: (+39) 095 723 4534
mobile: (+39) 338 7272 701